Integrated Children's Academy


Kindergarten 1


Children whose fourth birthday falls on October 31st or before October 31st of the current year are eligible to attend Kindergarten 1.


Monday – Friday
8:00 – 12:00 noon

K1 Curriculum:

Social Studies and Sciences

All activities promote awareness through different hands on exploration through related videos and songs, as well as links to pictures, worksheets and activities ( art activities, social interactions, experiments and educational trips)
Topics include:

All activities aim to develop critical and higher order thinking skills through hands on and varied developmentally appropriate methods. Topics include:


Language Arts Curriculum

All activities are geared to further develop listening, writing and talking skills in English through appropriate and engaging activities focusing on developing skills below:


Gross and Motor Skills

This area focuses on the body and on physical experience and is an integral part of the educational process. Learning opportunities are created through the different movement experiences, challenges and play. With these activities, positive attitudes such as cooperating with others, building self-esteem, accepting success and failure as well as playing fairly are also developed. This aims to contribute to their overall development to help them lead full, active and healthy lives.