Gedung ICA School


Integrated Children’s Academy is a tradition for many families in Jakarta. ICA is not only recognized as a superior early childhood center, but also as a second home for our ICA families.

By partnering with ICA parents to grow our positive values and good character at home, ICA children enhance their talents and capabilities to be more innovative, more creative, and more academic through their educational experience while at ICA.

Our innovative, creative, and academic early childhood programs at Integrated Children’s Academy are designed to provide ICA children with their first exciting step in their long learning journey. This encouraging experience builds strong confidence that will lead ICA students to success throughout their entire education to their final step into the real world.

The staff at ICA know this is a very important choice for families as they decide their child’s educational future. Integrated Children’s Academy is dedicated to trying its best to continue the tradition of many families in Jakarta, and to be as a perfect of an early childhood center as possible.

ICA was, is, and will be delighted with sharing the ICA tradition with you.

Thank you so much for your true heart in supporting ICA with warm trust.

The board of ICA School

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